Saturday, September 17, 2011

Never again: F-9 Autumn Aster

Technically, and in terms of personal frustration, the most difficult block so far.

It would have been much worse if I hadn't followed Anina's technique of preparing the white background.  Still, reverse applique in the corners was a pain and they didn't come out even.  And then EIGHT melons, with narrow points.  Argh.  The pink fabric here is more tightly woven than most, and makes pulling the needle through several layers very difficult indeed.  It's a beautiful fabric, but I will not be making this block again for my daughter's quilt.


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Bobbie said...

Hi. I worked on Dear Jane years ago. I made 60 or so blocks and then packed it up. I have used some of the blocks individually as centers for little quilts. I like seeing yours.

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