Friday, September 23, 2011

G-8: Indianapolis

In pink, for my daughter's quilt.  I paper-pieced the long center sections.  I appliqued the pie-slices.  A little uneven, but I'll take it.
This will not be in the center, as in the original quilt.  I have already picked another block, but done in the green from Brenda' fabric line, for the center.

I am still moving ahead on my two main projects, my Jane quilts and Nearly Insane.  I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel on my Christmas Jane quilt.  It's to the point where I must think about which colors I plan to use for the remaining blocks, if I want to have the Trip around the world setting as in the original quilt.  That is, a certain number of pink or brown blocks, red blocks, etc.  Until now I have been picking whatever repro fabric speaks to me, concentrating on reds and greens, but some of the other colors too.


Susan said...

Working on Dear Jane and Nearly Insane at the same time is trying I am sure.... A good way to grow as a quilter....

Your blocks are looking great.

Bobbie said...

You do good work! Love your blog.

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