Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Triangle: Eiffel Tower

And the top row triangles are finished.

(I have also done this in pink).  The two melons are appliqued on.  This is not how Jane Stickle did it.  If you study the picture in the book, you'll see she did the lower melon by reverse applique.  I didn't think I could be that fiddle-y.

145 blocks, 46 triangles, 1 corner, and 4470 pieces.


Cheryl Willis said...

looks great, I have my fabrics, hope to start end of the year. I am trying to decide how to tackle the blocks. Did you start with the easier ones first- or similar colors/fabrics or do it by rows?
I am curious as to how others are jumping in on this one. cw

viridian said...

Istarted with the easy blocks. However, after about 10 blocks, I started challenging myself with harder blocks, involving applique or really tiny pieces. It really helps to buy the Dear Jane software.

Now: I am down to the really difficult blocks and triangles.

Miri said...

I think Jane must have liked reverse applique-maybe it was easier for her-because she used it in a lot of places that kind of made me shrug-why? like in this triangle.

I'm seriously impressed!

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