Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hattie's Hen House

Thanks for everyone's comments on past entries on my blocks and triangles in the manner of Jane Stickle.
Following some people's advice, I did buy 'cheaters' or reading glasses, and put them on OVER my current glasses. Wonderful! I can hold my applique work at my normal working distance, not so close that I might poke my cheek with the needle, or hit my eye with the back of my wrist. So I have been pushing ahead with the applique blocks.

I do admit to some continuing eyestrain.  Not nearly as bad as before.



Cheryl Willis said...

I love watching your progress! yesterday i pulled fabrics and started a box of favorites TO Use.
it may be next year before i start but i am getting closer to committing. i have read through the book a couple of times now and am getting more confident that I can do it. cw

viridian said...

Cheryl, you can do it! Start with some of the easier blocks.

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