Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vintage Thingy Thursday: quilt square

I am joining Coloradolady this week for Vintage Thingy Thursday. See what other people are sharing - click on the icon above.

 Above is a crazy quilt square - somewhat larger than 12 inches square.  It is made out of very scraps of very thin silk, batting, and backing fabric, all held together by the embroidery stitches. 

It is rather delicate.  This came in a set of several squares like this, and I suspect the plan was to join the squares in a qult-as-you-go method.  That would be a challenge with this splitting, raveling fabric. 
  I have this on loan from my quilt guild.  I think I'd best get it back!  It certainly is vintage.

I'm back after a few weeks away.  Happy Vintage Thingy Thursday!


LV said...

I enjoyed and glad you shared your quilt with us. I love any quilt - old or new. Hope you enjoy your time from the blog world.

Genie said...

I made a crazy quilt for my son like this one. I started it around years ago and finished it last summer....every year he would ask me when he was going to get his crazy quilt....boy, was he surprised when it FINALLY arrived. His was red, white, and blue because I began it the year of the bicentennial.


Maureen said...

It looks so delicate! I would be nervous to have it in my possession.

Ulla said...

The silk looks really lovely but time has treated the quilt block with no special care. It looks like it would be best to store the blocks as they are.

Coloradolady said...

Beautiful blocks. I have been looking for a crazy quilt, but they are either out of my price range, or in such terrible condition I pass them by. Lovely post.....Have a great VTT!

Ann said...

The silks are beautiful. I really admire people who can quilt. Beautiful pieces.

Beth Niquette said...

What a beautiful quilt! I came a'visiting when I saw your wonderful heart rock on Guest Heart Thursday!

Happy GHT!

Clytie said...

What beautiful crazy quilt pieces. I am absolutely CRAZY about crazy quilts - someday I will make one!

Your PERFECT heart rock has been featured on today's Guest Heart Thursday - come check it out!

And thank you.

And now I am off to check out Vintage Thingy Thursday - it sounds like fun!

The Paint Splash said...

Neat squares. I have a piece my husbands mother did before she passed in 1934. I will have to take it out and photograph it for Vintage Thursday. Thanks for sharing. Debbie

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