Saturday, January 2, 2010

Take this tune, and have fun!

Following Marytheteach, I want to play along with "Take this Tune", hosted by Jamie. But I can't figure out how people embed the video in their blogs!!! So I will havae to just include the link:

A scene from a favorite movie of mine, and appropriate to Jamie's theme.



Jamie said...


Welcome to Take This Tune. I hope you will play along regularly. Gigi is one of my favorite musicals and this selection is perfect.

Embedding a link is below where you just copy the link unless it reads "embedding forbidden". Click on there, select the size of screen you want and the color of the frame then just copy the code that appears and paste into your article (it will be a fairly large square of code so don't worry about the looks)

A song link isn't necessary as some people just tell stories about what the posted song brings to mind. Some do photographs or poetry. It is totally up to you as the song posted is just to get you kick started.

Thanks again for playing

Margo said...

I love that movie so much, and I just checked and it's on free PPV on our cable system. I'm going to watch this afternoon with Sparkle.

As far as embedding: on the youtube page in the right column you will see "embed". First click the little blue wheel/flower icon button. Here is where a lot of people go wrong! A menu opens after clicking this button where you can choose the size of the screen. I always choose the smallest because I know it will fit and also it won't take as long to load for someone visiting your blog. Also unclick "include related videos. When done you click close in bottom right. The code next to "embed" has now been changed for you. You copy the code and go over to your post and paste the code in the "html" setting of your post. Good luck! Oh, and Happy New Year! I love having you as a blogging friend!

maryt/theteach said...

Aren't blogger friends wonderful, Veridian? I was going to tell you how to embed a video too... But as Jamie said you don't have to embed the video you can just talk about music and songs if you like. I'm going to click on your link now. :)

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