Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thurs.

A vintage quilt: How old does something have to be to be ‘vintage’? I believe for autos it is twenty years. If this applies to quilts, then this one may qualify.
Back to my favorite thrift store, but there is not much except this, made of non-traditional fabric, including polyester blends and a little double knit. [When will quilts with double knit fabrics become collectible? Now there’s a question.] Constructed in the strippy style, there is no filler and the back is pieced from different pieces of cotton flannel fabric. I know the piece in the center is from an old flannel sheet, because I can see where the top edging has been undone to add a few more inches of fabric. This was made by a thrifty person. Tied with poly yarn at regular intervals, and the edges are machine-sewn. Made in the 70’s or 80’s perhaps?

I purchased this as throw to keep in the hall closet near the living room. I have stocked that closet with Polartec –style blankets that are so soft and cuddly, but 3 in a row have ended up on my son’s bed. I guess because they are soft and cuddly. I think this will stay in the closet, to be used when I am taking a quick nap on the couch. I like it. It is plain but not ugly, clean and in good shape.

Check out other vintage things at!

Note added later: This is ONE quilt - the front and the back are shown. Yes the flannel is cozy!


CC said...

I remember when quilts were made from most anything and then tied off.
But the very best quilts were always quilted.. I love both of yours..
Happy VTT..have a safe and lovely 4th..

Coloradolady said...

Really nice find. I bet the one with the flannel is so super cozy and warm. Thanks for showing us your vintage treasures today!!

Have a great VTT and a happy holiday weekend.

Sue said...

Well, isn't it just a coincidence to read a post about a hometown event you couldn't attend? I run up to Tipp from C'ville every week to shop with Amy. I've frequented a few other actual antique shops but have never found what I wanted. Individual taste, I guess.

In the early 80's I always wanted a quilt and often hinted about it. Never got one, but Mr. Sullivan bought me quite a few crocheted and knitted afghans. I still use them.... So where did you buy the one you showed in your post?

Do you do much antiquing south of town? I often go to Lebanon and Waynesville. I need to expand my horizons, though. Any advice?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and so nice to meet you! Sue

~~Carol~~ said...

I think a quilt is collectible, whether it's a day old or 100 years old! I like it, and I bet it's nice and cozy on a cold night. Great find!

CHER said...

glad you asked the question.........ecause i was wondering about dates considered vintage.have a blessed day. Cher

marianedwardsdreamweaver said...

i love old quilts too and yours looks like it would def be cosy to snuggle under :)

Amy said...

awww how lovely!

mannequin said...

Oh my goodness, I thought that was two quilts.
I love how resourceful the quilter was, that quilt was made for cuddlin and nappin'.

And you're right; when will double knit quilts come back? I don't think they will, do you?

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

what a great find! thanks for sharing.. lovely.. Happy VTT

Bea said...

Looks like just the perfect napping quilt.

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