Monday, July 27, 2009

M-9 Fan Dance

I paper pieced this block. If you have the Dear Jane software published by Electric Quilt, the default paper piecing order is different than this. I regrouped the pieces into the setting above. No matter how you slice this, you will have eight points coming together in the center, that will have to be lined up carefully. Note I renumbered the paper piecing order so that the seam allowances will 'nest' nicely, instead of being doubled up, and difficult to sew.
Here are the four main sections.

Here are my finished blocks for the two quilts I am making. The points don't exactly meet but they are close enough for me!
I purchased these fabrics from
1800's Christmas Jane 118, 38, 1, 3642
Pretty in Pink Jane 91, 31, 0, 2851
Miniature Madness! 53, 0, 0, 762

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JamaGenie said...

I sooo admire anyone who can piece quilts! My grandmother left a box of quilt pieces I couldn't make head or tails of, but loved the Sunbonnet Sue quilt she made for each of her grandchildren. I hugged mine so much it fell apart!

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