Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grandpa as a little girl

OK, here's the real story, at least what can be remembered from 60 + years ago.
My mom does remember my grandfather talking about being a little girl, as I recounted in my previous post. What I didn't remember though, is that he was the Youngest of three brothers. That is my grand-dad, cute as a button, in that pretty white dress.

My Aunt K, (Mom's younger sister) who read my blog entry, said that she remembered her dad teasing her that yes, he was once a little girl, and had the picture to prove it. And there it is, above.

My grandfather died at a very young age of a massive heart attack. I never met him. I wish him Happy Father's Day however and think of him this time of year. Why? Because this is the time of year that kids say - "Gee, there is Mother's Day, and Father's Day - when is it Kid's Day?" My mom says his answer was always - "EVERY DAY is Kid's day!"


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Michigoose said...

Hmmm. I think that was a family joke as boys often wore dresses until about age 5-6. Not uncommon into the early 20th century. By the mid-1920s this had pretty much died out.

Usually, it was about the age when they could start doing "work."

It was a quite reasonable practice. High infant mortality and the birth rate meant that having unisex clothing (or almost unisex clothing) means that you wer always prepared for baby and that clothes could be handed down easily. They were a lot more practical than we are today. Subtle changes could be made which would indicate gender.

I can't tell you how many times people commented on my "little boy" when my daughter was wearing a dress as a baby...just because it wa blue...

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