Monday, April 14, 2008

Triangle Needle's Point - my solution

This is a triangle in the top row, #9, of the quilt by Jane Stickle. To do it exactly, you should use templates and either english paper peicing or inset seams. I 'm no good at either. So I added a seam line through the middle and put it together in three pieces:

I am having such difficulty in getting the pictures to be as I would like them. More practice I guess. I hope to add pictures of my recent blocks and triangles - I have done a bit since my last post.
Fabric used here is Dargate ribbons. A real eye-popper.
viridian61 at 63 blocks and some triangles!


Bernadette said...

what a great idea! all your blocks look fantastic and I can see we have a few of the same fabrics. I am the same as you I keep buying more although I probably have enough to make all the blocks in different fabrics.

Daybreak*Dawning said...

My Jane has been finished a long time now, but I remember the triangles vividly :) On this one I appliqu├ęd the two bottom diamonds.
You do lovely work, and those houses on the 16th post are beautiful.

Minka's Studio said...

I love how you used the fabric in this block!

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