Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Quilt block July 23 Tutorial on a Corner

I have finished all blocks, triangles, and corners. Below is my last corner, the lower right corner or signature corner. This is what it looked like after appliqueing the 6 melons.

Now what to do about the star in the corner? Jane appliqued 5 little triangle shapes, surrounding the center pentagon.  I decided to add lines and paper piece the star, even though it gets complicated. Yes I avoid applique of small melons and triangles when I can.

Tutorial step one: add lines and convert to paper piecing.  Below is how I did it.

Mark which areas are background fabric, and which are focus fabric.  Cut shapes a little larger than you think you will need.  When done with paper piecing, add lower left piece to central piece, then lower right piece. 

Add top piece last of all:

You see I had issues with the background fabric!  Sew this last seam.  Then attach this piece to the rest of your corner piece.

I am linking up with Connie at Freemotion by the River and Quilt Story as I do most weeks I have blocks to share. Both blog hops have of pictures of pretty quilt blocks and other projects. I also hope to join Work in Progress Wednesday - if I remember to hook up!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet, love the paper piecing! I think that your piecing is so fine! I love the greens too.

Connie said...

Your star looks perfect done in paper piecing! Thanks for sharing.
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