Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Quilt block Feb. 12

It is Tuesday February 12 and time for another quilt block.

Todays' topic: Alternate blocks.  I am making the the full Jane Stickle quilt with 169 center blocks, but oh, some of those center blocks!  Applique 16 little melons!  Or applique 4 melons and four pointed motifs that will never have sharp corners!  I should be able to do it, but I blanch at the the thought.  Therefore, in my planning I told myself that it was OK to have an alternate block or two such as the one below.

This block is called Arrowhead and you can find it in the Dear Jane Software package, under the listing "good for alternate blocks". There are some old standards in there, and some simple geometric blocks.  This one can be paper pieced in four sections, something I can easily do.  And if you know your blocks, you know there are others that look a little like this.

My final quilt will have two alternate blocks, which I think will blend in with the 167 classic Jane blocks.

Would readers of this blog be interested in a weekly place to share their current work on their Jane Stickle quilt or Hannah quilt? A blog hop hosted by one quilter (ME), where you could leave links to your blog, and have people visit? You could share your current block, triangle, corner, or your current assembly and quilting. If a quilter did not have a blog, but had digital photos, they could send the photos to me and I could post them.

I have thought about hosting such a thing on this blog for awhile, but wondered if there would be any interest.  I would be happy to host such a blog hop.  There is no advertising on this blog (and there won't be) so I have no monetary interest. Let me know in the comments.

I am joining Connie at Freemotion by the river (a good example of a blog hop) as I do most Tuesdays.


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K said...

Uh, yeah I would be interested in posting my dear Jane blocks!

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