Friday, June 1, 2012

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I am back after a few weeks away doing work related research. And I liked doing this research even though it meant tromping through the woods looking at rocks, surrounded by mosquitos. So I am a good fit for my job and my chosen research.

When I was away in mid-May, #1 son decided to cut his own hair. Not once but twice. I don't think it was coincidence that Mommy was away. The first time he used the trimmer on his brother's electric razor (just received for a birthday present) to cut a stripe straight back on his head, sort of a reverse mohawk.  Then the next day, in a 15 minute window of time in which he was left unattended, he took scissors and chopped at his bangs.  I was told it looked dreadful, and so my sister in law picked him up from school and took him to the barber, where the only option really was to shave his head.

When I got back, he looked dreadful.  Like an old bald man.  He of course denies that he cut his own hair, but has trouble explaining why he had to go to the barber. (reminder: he is developmentally delayed.)

I went to the hospital yesterday for a seminar on weight loss surgery.  My BMI is high but not high enough to qualify me for the surgery.  But it is so depressing to lose some weight, only to gain it back.  I went looking for an option, which is not available unless I gain another 50 pounds.  Which I do not plan to do.

The statistics they presented on weight loss without surgery were depressing too.  Of people who do lose weight through diet and exercise, 95% of them gain it back within 5 years.  Unless of course they keep exercising like a fiend.  Do I have to handcuff myself to the treadmill?  Do I have to consider 2 spoonfuls of low fat cottage cheese as a meal?  I hate this!

I am sorry to leave this entry on such a down note but the fact is I am in a low spot today.

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Unknown Mami said...

Do not focus of the difficulties of weight loss and health. Find something positive to focus on regarding health, exercise, and diet and build from there. One change at a time. Exercise because it is good for you mentally and physically, not to lose weight.

Susan said...

Losing weight is HARD.... and depressing...... I am trying to introduce exercise in the form of house work and yard work...... Not pleasant but the house and yard are looking better and I can get down and get something out of a bottom cabinet and get back up in less than an hour now........

Wayne W Smith said...

Field research is always fun. I am however, happy that I am a tourism researcher. My field research involves high end hotels. It is tough but someone has to do it.

Keetha Broyles said...

I have chosen, at my OLD AGE, to not get on the up/down weight loss "tread-mill."

Of course - - - I really SHOULD force myself to be a tad more careful with my food intake than what I am.

Barbara said...

Need to lose a few pounds myself. It is a bummer.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I do think Weight Watchers is the best plan out there - I can still eat whatever I want, it's all about portion control. And I can stuff myself on fruits and veggies when I am feeling deprived. Have you seen Sue's blog yet? She writes very honestly about the pros and cons of overweight and weight-loss surgery, etc. This post, in particular...and then this one...

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