Sunday, November 7, 2010

I may be nearly insane!

I must be nearly insane to start on a new project esp. at this time of the school year.  But a small group of us on a Yahoo list for this admirers of this antique quilt have decided to challenge ourselves to a block a week.

What is this project?  See the link to the left.  An antique quilt featured in a quilt calendar became the obsession for Liz Lois, who drafted the patterns. 
Each block finishes at 6 inches (large compared to Dear Jane blocks!)  I forget how many there are in the whole quilt - 90??  Pictured above is my first block, labeled #6 in the Nearly Insane book.  The colors and fabrics I chose are very close to the original.  I have two other blocks done, and I'll post them later this week.



Suburban Correspondent said...

Love it!

Leann said...

Oh this is beautiful! Good Luck my friend.

Thanks so much for visiting The Old Parsonage and your sweet comment.


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