Wednesday, December 23, 2009

F-12 Starburst block

A Stickle block from this fall to round out December. Recall I am flogging myself by doing two quilts, one in Civil War reproduction fabrics, the other in 19th century double pink fabrics.

I paper-pieced two sections, then sewed them together, pinning to try to get the center looking good. It's all right. You can follow along with Anina at That Quilt for this part.

Then, instead of following Anina's method, I appliqued the 4 triangles to the outer edges. Someone on the main Dear Jane e-mail list suggested this (sorry, I forget who!). It seems funny as you are doing this, but will look fine when you are done.

If I don't have time to get back to this blog in the next few days, my hearty good wishes of the season, and I hope for a better 2010 for all of my 35 followers (one more in the last week! Yay!) and everyone.

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