Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh no! A new Google game!

I saw this on Suze's Thread and I blog, and she saw it on Jane's blog, and so on....
Quoting Suze:
'A GOOGLE GAME where you search for “unfortunately, your name”, including the quotes. The search results should reveal some interesting, if not unusual quotes.'

Some unusual things to say the least.

Unfortunately, A* was rumbled during her first drink with Jack, but this didn’t stop the two of them forging a strong friendship…

* I don't use my full name for privacy reasons!
Unfortunately, A does not "do" computers, and I always seem to be too busy to spend any time on these pages.

Unfortunately, A was really not feeling well. She was a trooper, though, and came out to the event with her family.

Unfortunately, A was more in the let's breakup mood, and she spurns him.

********* ********** ********
Gosh, why not try "Fortunately, ..."

Fortunately, A dropped off a flyer with the designer of my dress, so I decided to see if airbrushing out my tattoo would be possible.

Considering the movie's sentimental tack, this score could have been an exercise in the pursuit of sappyness; fortunately A mostly avoids ...

Fortunately, A is able to exclude the outside world, enjoying completeness with a book in her hand, in the warmth of home.

Fortunately, A received a scholarship through Arizona’s new program, relieving a major financial burden for her family and providing educational ...

Fortunately, A continues to delight us with rich characters and exhilarating stories -- her own special combination of romance and suspense.

Fortunately, A turned her artistic eye to visually record the people, road ways, businesses, hills and valleys of a now all but vanished time...


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