Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ten more miniature blocks

Here is the latest set, last one finished this AM. I am up to 35 blocks! I really like the Electric Quilt software. The foundation pattterns are SO useful. I am also using quite a few of the alternate blocks that are included in the Dear Jane software. Many are classic patterns. (note Churn Dash and Shoo Fly). Some work very well in this small format - like the lower right block in blue feedsack - a windmill design that I like very much. Fabric placement can change the look of a block too. There are 2 here that are the same pattern - can you tell which ones?
1800's Christmas Jane 105, 30, 0, 3122
Pretty in Pink Jane 73, 26, 0, 2245
Minature Madness! 35, 0, 0, 518

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