Friday, October 10, 2008

Family bonding over the economy

I called my dad yesterday at about 3:30 PM ET. We caught up on things, and of course talked about the economy. He is a veteran watcher of the market. We watched Wall Street Week alot when I was young. Lately dad has kept CNBC on the TV almost constantly, to watch the carnage. So as we talked he watched CNBC and I went to and refreshed the page every so often. As we watched the Dow go down down down we talked and in a strange way bonded over the bad news. We both were urging the clock forward at 3:59 to stop the rout, and gasped in relief at 4 PM.

Now when I call him I greet him as a fellow comrade in the Socialist Republic of the United States. How much of the financial market can the US Government take over before we are technically in socialism?

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Linden Dare said...

Hello Viridian, I thought because your dad watches CNBC that he would be democratic, but we can NOT take any more of this -- I find it scary. I am a Republican and what Joe the Plumber shows us is how scary it can be to have someone come after you for your political views. I have been watching Fox News not unlike your dad pretty much non stop for 2 years. We can NOT give up, the truth is coming out, too bad we American's don't follow this closely always. I was curious to find out if what they want to pound in is truth so I started searching on-line beginning with Bill Ayers - may the Lord be with us all thru this turmoil. Bless your dad and I just retired 2 years ago and I have lost thousands in the stock market, money I needed to see me through our older years. Am I scared with shrinking dollars. Thank you for posting - please get out and vote.

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