Saturday, March 8, 2008

30's stash - for Rosa

Dear Rosa:
This picture is esp. for you. On the floor of my sewing room is the rest of my Dear Jane stash that didn't make it into my first picture, plus my old bureau, where every drawer is stuffed to the brim with 30's reproduction fabrics. I must have every repro fabric made since the very first Aunt Grace line, more than 15 years ago. On the floor is my recent overflow of actual 30s and 40s fabrics and more repros. Not shown in this picture: 2 under bed totes filled with actual vintage feed sacks, and two largish totes in my bedroom closet filled with more reproduction fabric, from the past few years after I filled this bureau. Other unsorted fabric is stuffed all around the room.

A confession

Hi, this is viridian61, and I have a problem.
This is my stash of Civil War reporduction fabrics, collected for years, for my eventual (and now current) Baby Jane quilt in the manner of Jane Stickle. I surely have more than enough fabric for this quilt, so why am I browsing ebay for more sets of fat quarters?! Not every fabric has to be different. This quilt project has become an obsession!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

More Dear Jane blocks

I am obsessed with this project. I have made a number of blocks since I took these photos. I now have 55 blocks and 8 triangles. Time for more photos!
In the top photo, top right, notice the mistake. I should send a copy of this to Rosa, for her Jane's hall of shame!

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